Good People out there – THANK YOU so much

Kathy had her 30th year wedding anniversary last week to raise funds for NARC, she is the one who adopted Criole last year. Thanks Kathy, family and friends for your donations and supporting NARC.

Vincent who adopted Deb 3 years ago came to donate some money, gas cards and my favorite a Tim Horton’s card for my Ice Cap addiction – they don’t know me at all now do they Ha! Ha! Vincent – you are the best and thank you again for your contribution to help us along with our surgeries.

And finally Clementine’s new adoptive family, Hoda and her husband also gave us a nice contribution which will help for next week’s patellar surgery for one of our dogs! I can’t believe what you have given us and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

We also have Dave from DJ Sign who has come today to start installing our new NARC sign, now people will be able to see where we are while driving by which will promote NARC to those who don’t know we are here and for clients to find us easily! Another few weeks and we will have our new sign installed at the front!

I was very emotional with Vincent this week, asked Clementine’s family tonight if they were sure about their donation and am just amazed at the great people out there and their support! I can’t thank you enough – don’t have words to express what I am feeling. As you all know, this is my baby and I have and am dedicating my life to it because I know for a fact that all these beautiful creatures deserve a good life, good people and TO BE SPOILED and loved – starting here at NARC until they find homes.

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