Sheenah and others at vet’s

I picked up our little Pug named Ryder from the vet’s after he stayed a few days on IV, he seemed quite happy to be coming home.  He ate a whole can of dog food with his medications when we got home so seems to be doing well.

Buttercup had her spay, dental cleaning and extractions and she had 2 lumps removed from her abdomen.  She will be on a few medications for some time to help with pain!  She also was very happy to see me and pleased to go home.

Sheenah seems to be doing well, she was up and giving me kisses and of course whining as I was loading the others but not her…  We left her at the vet’s again tonight, maybe she will come home tomorrow or saturday – only time will tell, they will be giving her some water tomorrow to see how that goes down after her surgery.  She is on IV fluids right now with strong medications in IV.  At least she was up, they weren’t sure the day before if she would make it so I was very happy when I saw she was up and complaining – always a good sign and of course a better sign is tail wagging a bit when they see me which is great.  I spent some time snuggling with her and giving her attention so she has someone to fight for!

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