Update this week

Sorry for not updating you daily, we’ve had quite the week – busy as usual. We brought the female Sky Terrier mixed we named Diamond to the vet’s for her lump removal, it was a fat deposit but quite big, vet said nothing to worry about and he removed it completely! Koby had to be neutered but I also wanted them to check his eyes, it wasn’t an infection but something was going on there and he always seemed to have his eyes half closed and watery! Needless to say, he has undergone major surgery, his lashes were growing into his eyes so they operated and although I am sure he is in pain right now, he will feel much better once it is healed. He also had his neuter and shots so will be ready in a few weeks time, once his eyes are fully recovered and stitches removed. We have to go back with both of them for re-check, Monday for Koby and again on April 15th if the stitches don’t disolve and Diamond is re-booked for a follow-up on April 15th to see how she is healing.

Last night, I had to bring one of the German Sheppard puppies to the vet’s to be placed on IV fluids. We often have to change foods at NARC, going with donations and she didn’t accept the new food, was vomitting so we rushed her to the vet’s. She is still there, not doing so well and still not eating! She is on antibiotics also, send your prayers, she is so small, we hope she makes it through.

We need financial help with all these surgeries, if you can spare a few dollars, either bring it to us or at Blackburn Animal Hospital to place on our account.

Also, our miniature horses will be leaving for the summer, going to the petting zoo at Ferme Proulx. The farrier is coming tomorrow morning for their regular hoof trim, we will have volunteers brush them as they are now shedding their winter hair and off they go so we can work on the barn. The ceiling in part of the barn collapsed this winter due to the heavy snow so having the miniatures somewhere else and giving us time to re-build was essential! If you have some 4×4’s to donate, we will need them to re-build the roof in the barn and of course metal sheets as roofing! Always things to fix up – at least we are almost done the NARC house, permanent 4×4 and 4×8 inside dog runs are being installed and in a month, when all the snow is gone, we will concentrate on fixing the barn…

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