Nice but muddy weekend!

It was quite a nice weekend, doggies wanted to stay outside longer, some even backing up when we were walking to the front door, others still cold and rushing us back in Ha! Ha! We only have 1 Brooklyn Puppy left and of course Cyan and Nooky who are still looking for homes. We also have one of our German Sheppard female puppies left although she will be staying with us a bit longer, she was the one who was rushed to the vet’s, we did blood work and IV fluids for over 48 hours. She is better, eating by herself and drinking, it was the food that didn’t do her well so we’ve put her on developmental formula and she is doing well with that brand. Has a bit of an eye infection but on medication for that too. So, overall a good weekend, the other 3 puppies have found good homes and Sephora was picked up by her family!

Toby is doing well, the photographer came to take pictures so I will upload them for you to see his eye surgeries… I have a follow up at the vet’s tonight for him but really think he will get thumbs up, he is taking his eye drops like a charm and doesn’t even try to scratch. He seems more goofy now that his eyes aren’t scratchy and he is more playfull so overall very good. He will find a very good home pretty quickly once ready for adoption, he is such a good dog!

The miniature horses are now at Ferme Proulx and I fell in love with the miniature Donkey they had Ha! Ha! Although, Patchez, my tiny guy who actually looks like a Unicorn with his blue eyes.. he was in love with the big horse and kept snuggling to him – too funny!

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