Update on puppy and others

Well, god decided to keep this little puppy on earth and although we thought he wasn’t going to make it, he fought to live.  He is hopefully soon on his way to BC to live with one of our fosters and once with NARC his name will be “Survivor”.  I will add pictures to “Dogs Needing Help” page of him and the scabies dog which we is named “Victoria” for those who actually want to see the poor souls.  I know you are all curious but these pictures are real so only have a look if you think you can handle it!!!

Marcus and Anabelle were at our BC vet’s this week for their neuter/spay and are now recovering in their BC foster homes.  Hope is also recovering in her Ottawa Foster home from her spay and eye tag removal.  Bambi is with me right now but going to her new foster home tonight awaiting funds for her spay in the next few weeks, she has her rabies and DA2PP for now…  Pictures of her will be in the available soon later today.  All in all, things are going great and I see an even better future for our new arrivals!  New foster homes are always welcomed, NARC is slowly moving towards a foster based operation!

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