Update at NARC

Marcus and Charlotte have made their way to Navan from BC earlier this week, they left their fosters and flew home.  Marcus our little tan Chihuahua is ready for his home.

Lazara (a barely 6 week old puppy) was found at the lobby of our resort a few short days before we were leaving.  The maids brought her to us full of fleas, ticks, scabies and another little pest I have never seen before…  small as a grain of salt, black and crawly.  Luckily I brought my oregano and gave her a good bath when she was found to kill the pests.  She may not have lasted another day with the infestation she had…  She slept on my neck all night, chewing on my ear every few hours to wake me up for her milk.  Next morning, gave her another oregano bath to ensure all were dead and gone, gave her milk at the room and kept her with us all day.  She ate pork and chicken with water every 20 minutes to re-hydrate her.  We named her Lazara on behalf of Saint Lazaro – saint of all animals in Cuba.  She had an eye infection too but it was getting better after her shots.  Detsy a friend from Havana decided to take her home with her so we have also found her a forever home, she left with a bag of food and milk for her travel back from Cienfuegos to Havana.  The vet came to meet me in the lobby the next day to give her shots and of course, we had the other 3 doggies that hung around us vetted while we were there.  2 had owners and although Poupoune didn’t have a home, now that she was vetted we are hoping a Cuban will take her home.  The vet was so nice that he didn’t want to charge me for taking care of the resort dogs but we still gave him something to thank him, this way next time I call – he will come again!  Three volunteers of NARC travelling together, vetting and placing dogs in Cuba – quite the trip!  Wish I could do more…Lazada

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