Closed March 28th to April 18th

We would like to THANK everyone that came to donate food the last few weekends – you guys ROCK! and of course our Goddy is gaining daily due to all of your help!  Our babies are sending you big Thank You HUGS!

We are closing for holidays from March 28th up to April 18thCLOSED Easter Weekend!  We only have Ace available for adoption right now but if you wish to meet him this week – give us a call!

Hope is going to the vet’s in Ottawa tomorrow, she will be spayed and have that eye tag finally removed, Bambi is also coming along for her check-up, Rabies and DA2PP!   Anabelle and Marcus are going to our British Columbia vet for their spay/neuter.  They will then be available for adoption in British Columbia until they fly to Ottawa.

We also picked up another black Chihuahua, possibly pregnant as per the vet’s so she is in a foster home in BC waiting for a flight here!

Our little puppy that was beat up had multiple fractures in his upper jaw and neck… so unfortunately we think it is impossible to save him.  On that note, we got word of a dog with Scabies who is at the vet’s for his 2 week treatments.  He is due to become a NARC dog afterwards and be transfered to BC in a foster.  I have pictures but will wait until he is better to show you the before and after… I really don’t want to make you all cry!!!


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