Update at vet’s

I was able to bring Sheenah back home last night, she seems to be doing well, have to feed her multiple times, soft food mixed with water for it to be very liquid and soft!  We went for a nice short walk, she seemed very happy to be back, tail wagging and sniffing everywhere.  She will stay with us over the weekend so we can give her the medications prescribed but we are looking to send her to a foster home on Monday for the 14 day waiting period before going back to the vet’s to remove her stitches.  This was a major surgery so we really prefer they recover in a home environment instead of at NARC where we bring in sick doggies every week and they can transmit it to our healthy dogs who have gone through surgery.  Their immune systems are down when they are on antibiotics and have been through surgery so they are prone to catching things quickly!

We brought Prinston back to the vet’s for another check-up, they prescribed another antibiotic and we are sending him to a foster home tonight for the 10 days of antibiotics to hopefully be able to adopt him out afterwards.  The vet wouldn’t administer his Rabies again due to him being sick with the sniffles and kennel cough so that will hopefully be done in 10 days.

We are running out of canned dog and puppy food so if anyone has some to donate, we surely could use them or Canadian Tire Money so we can go purchase some.  We have run out of paper journal and paper towels if anyone has the “Droit”, “Citizen” or any non glossy journal, please drop them off at NARC or even pee pads will do the trick

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