One eyed Willy?

We were called this week to see if we could take in a dog that needs his eye removed, called the vet to see how much it would cost and decided to save this little one!  That being said, we picked up a few dogs this morning including the eye surgery patient which we are thinking of naming “One Eyed Willy” from an old movie I saw when I was younger lol.  We brought home a German Sheppard puppy, a Golden Lab puppy, the Brussels One Eyed Willy, 2 Bishon Frisés and a Chihuahua.  They will be seen, spayed or neutered and given shots in the next few weeks, probably the following week as we already have One Eyed Willy booked in this week to remove his eye and hopefully Shanelle for her Patellar surgery (depending on price still waiting on) on top of 4 spay and neuters so these new guys will have to wait till the following week.  The puppies will go this week for first shots for sure then be ready for adoption after a nice bath, dewormed and multi-advantage doze

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