Update at the farm

After his neuter, Simba got sick with the flu…poor baby, luckily for him we got some metrodonizale and started him on medications right away! He is feeling much better and ate a very good meal today and drank plenty of water which is keeping him well hydrated.

Ladybug is also doing so much better, I guess that means that we will be placing her on the available side this week… Sad to actually do this, she has stolen all of our hearts, especially mine!!

The NARC family did a great job with clean-up this weekend, after winter the farm is always a mess and muddy! With snow melted we were now able to move donations to appropriate locations or at least against the mobile home so that they weren’t all over the place (dog houses…)! We have raked, tomorrow the back-hoe is coming to smooth down the tire marks and spread the gravel so that it is less muddy! We aren’t finished yet but it was definitely a very good start, thanks everyone for your hard work!

Hopefully we get the greenhouse this week, we cleared out the slab for installation and are ready to get that up and running very soon. I borrowed a trailer so finally have a way of getting it here. Now to find helping hands hopefully next weekend to help me load, bring it here and un-load! Then will come installation…

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