Things needed

We are looking for cement blocks, pressure treated wood (4×4’s, 8×8’s, 2×4’s 2×8’s, 2×6’s etc… any length). We are working on a few projects including building new dog houses, a new deck with stairs for the NARC mobile home, etc… Needing shingles for the top of our dog houses and other projects at NARC. Plywood, small to large peices, we are using pretty much anything anyone brings us… We can even use logs for posts, any length! What we don’t need for renovations will be cut up for the wood stove and keeping our doggies warm during winter months!

Inside, we always need Javex, Rubber Gloves, Paper Towels and we could use a few more face cloths. We don’t mind your opened bags of dog food or treats, leashes or collars – we use and abuse collars and leashes – that’s for sure!

If anyone has spare time and want to lend a hand with renovations – you are always more than welcomed to join our NARC family! We are getting the greenhouse soon and will need to install that and so much more. Any help we can get, always making NARC bigger and better is always a bonus! Thank you to those who are always there to support us in our endeavors, you are AMAZING, sending you hugs and kisses from everyone here at NARC – doggies included Hee! Hee!

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