Vetting this week

All the new puppies got their first DA2PP and check-ups, Camry got her Rabies. Simba got his neuter, rabies and DA2PP, he is doing very well but Ladybug really had a hard time. When I went to pick her and Simba up, she wasn’t getting up at all, even after more IV liquids, I had to pick her up and carry her in the car. Poor baby, she has already been through so much, her temperature had dropped during surgery so we need to keep her warm tonight so everything gets back to normal. She was happy to be back home, ate a few hot dogs and went straight to bed, in the little baby bed in the entrance and I left her there cuddled in blankets for the night. The young black labs all have kennel cough and some sniffles so are on antibiotics which mean they won’t be leaving us until their prescription is done and they are feeling better!

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