Update and “Did You Know – Puppy info”

Hope everyone had a Happy New Year!? To update you on things at NARC, the floor in the “office” is now all tiled and grouted, it looks great, colourful and really nice. So far, those that have seen it have commented that even with few tiles here and there from different people, it actually looks really good. It definitely is easier for our volunteers to keep clean and looks better when you visit!

All the doggies are doing well, Cyan our little parvo pup is getting better daily and eating like a little pig so he should gain very quickly. He is still skinny looking compared to his sibling who had a week’s head start on the eating and plumping himself! I have pictures so will post them shortly so you can all see their cute faces. I have been mother hen with all the puppies that come through our doors. As usual, not letting volunteers take them outside for walks as they are so tiny and have already been through so much. So, here are my suggestions and advice. Adoptive families should really wait a bit before strutting their new puppies outside to see the world. Puppies are like babies and you have to ask yourself – would I put my 3 month old baby outside to walk/crawl in the snow and in the -20 temperature? People tend to forget that they are babies and we have to protect them. Also, no treats until they are 6 months – again, do you feed you baby anything in the kitchen – no… we introduce them to foods one at a time so it is the same concept! If you give your puppy anything and everything to eat, he will get the flu and may possibly die from dehydration. Same as if they have only had their 1st DA2PP or even 2nd DA2PP booster, you really need to wait before introducing them to other dogs or even letting them walk anywhere on the streets or at the vet’s, parks, petstores, etc…. You may think you know your neighbours pet but have they updated their dogs shots? If not, they may be disease carriers, no symptoms but carriers no less… Your puppy can still get Parvo even after it’s second shots so ensure he has had all his boosters, a month after his 3rd DA2PP before letting him play with others, walk in the park, go to a petstore, etc… We have a parvo puppy at NARC and even with him there, we are being extra careful so that he can’t contaminate the house or be near any of the other puppies, all of our puppies could have gotten parvo if we weren’t careful so if we can do it with 7 puppies in the house – one who is actually parvo infected… You can too by not showing your puppy off until he gets his 3rd booster, not letting him play or walk where other dogs have been and secluding him for his first 4 months of life. It’s not that long and you will appreciate it for years to come! Enjoy your new puppy when you get it but please be careful, I know it is hard not to show them off but it is what is best for your new baby! If you really want to get out there, carry your puppy – that’s fine as long as he doesn’t touch possible infected grounds. I am so sad when I hear that someone has lost their dog to Parvo, it can be stopped but we all have to work together and be more diligent with our new babies! Good luck and watch out for more “Did you know” coming up all year!

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