Tiles – looking good

After caring for the dogs in the morning, letting them all go out for their business, eating and drinking… Andy came around 11am to finish the plywood and install the tiles in the entrance, I went to home depot and used up what was left of our gift cards for tile cement. Thank you Andy for all of your help and hard work, he certainly didn’t stop all weekend and worked very hard on getting it done. Unfortunately, we are lacking a box or two to be able to finish it all off – anyone with spare tiles? If so, please drop them off in our donations drop box at the front of the property or if the volunteers are there and gates opened, drop them off directly at the rescue! Almost done and it looks very colorful – keep in mind these were all donations so the entrance floor is blue, white, grey, orange, different colors but Andy did a very good job in making it look really nice and also engraving NARC at the centre with smaller tiles – wonderful work – I love it! I will take a snap shot and share with you soon!

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