Hard working weekend!

On saturday, while I was at the vet’s with Cyan for his first DA2PP with rabies, Nooky and Spit Fyre for their second DA2PP with Rabies and Coco for his ear to be stitched up. Yep, his brother Tarzan ripped his ear in half so we had to bring him to the vet’s for surgery! He is antibiotics for a few weeks, has a wrap around his whole head holding his ear in place and a cone which he really doesn’t like but has to keep for 2 whole weeks.

Anyhoo, while I was at the vet’s, the volunteers painted 2 walls in the main entrance, an almost chocolate brown so it really looks good. On Sunday, we got together and gave a first coat on 2 walls in the sunroom, a dark purple while I took down the L shaped cabinet from the wall in the sunroom and moved it to the Paws Spa (grooming area) and re-installed it. Giving us more space in the sunroom for play time and also giving us shelving on top of the bath for towels, shampoo, etc…

We are still looking for tiles to finish the hallway and Paws Spa (our grooming area) so if you have a few tiles to donate, please do so and we’ll be able to finish our tilling throughout the modular home! If anyone has left over paint, we are also taking some in as we would like to be able to paint every room at NARC this winter! We could also use a few larger peices of drywall and putty.

Always lots to do but hopefully once winter/spring is over, we will be done and be able to enjoy the updated/renovated modular home for years to come! You should see all the new dog houses my friend Pierre has made for our pooches, it will really look nice this spring/summer when clients visit to see our doggies all have their own doggy home!

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