Tough weekend!

It was a complicated weekend without Hydro or water in the NARC mobile home but we managed… Had hydro in my house but with the water connected through NARC – I didn’t have water myself so couldn’t provide… Really need to get a separate system so that we never run out again! Went to the neighbours and filled tubs to bring home so they could all have clean water to drink, some volunteers came with bottled water on Sunday to help out – thank you all for pitching in. Finally, Hydro came this morning to fix the problem and we are back up and running after 3 days of no air conditioning, no air purifiers running and no water – YIKES! Now we’ll have to catch up in bathing the dogs and they can go back to playing in their kiddy pool now that it is clean and we will be able to clean the house properly instead of with pure javex only! Tonight is vet night, few dogs are going in for surgeries and Clementine is going for her 2nd x-ray to see if her stones have dissipated or if she needs that surgery – cross your fingers in hopes that they are gone!

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