Dogs at vet’s this week

Finally, I dropped off Hercules at the vet’s tonight for his neuter, check-up and shots tomorrow. Those of you who have seen Hercules (our Boston Terrier) a month ago when he arrived saw how in bad shape and extremely skinny he was… Well, with the Oil of Oregano, Coconut Oil, lots of good food and treats, TLC and patience, he has gained and is actually now very plump! I am sure those of you who saw him and cried over how skinny he was would be pleased, come by and see him now!

I also brought Clementine for her 2nd x-ray to see if her stones have passed, the vet wanted her overnight to do another x-ray in the morning once her bladder was full so she is staying! From what I saw on the x-ray, seems like they can’t pass – she has 2 very large – one is the size of my thumb.

Niko was also brought back to the vet’s for his neuter, he gained weight while living with me and now is back at NARC for his recovery. Not sure if you remember but we had rushed him at the vet’s a few weeks ago as he was very sick, had him on IV and did 3 tests that were negative (Parvo, Coccidia, Giardia). He recovered well from it all, no more diharea, gained weight and is strong enough for his neuter.

Ramses went back to the vet’s last night as an emergency, not sure what happened – test to be done on his skin as he was flaking – the whole top of his back was coming off and infected. The vet will care for that and give us medications for him to recover properly!

I’ll update you on all of them tomorrow!

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