As regularly, we brought a few dogs at the vet’s yesterday for spay, neuter and check-ups.  Seems like Monty and Juliette both have Bilateral Patellar Luxation.  Juliette has already undergone surgery on her front broken leg to fix it and has just had her cast removed – now to proceed with her hind leg.  The vet did say that they are not in pain and many dogs can live with this for a long time but we really would like to have their surgeries done so that they can have a better life.  That being said, we need help and funds….

If you can help in any way, please send a cheque to NARC, 4388 Navan Road, Navan, Ontario, K4B 1H9.  We need over $6,000 altogether for quite a few major surgeries including Clementine’s.  She has stones and if the antibiotics don’t work in a few weeks, she will have to undergo surgery herself for her spay, stone removal and shots.  They also all need another x-ray, although we’ve done a first one, they all will need a second before surgery!

We did go ahead and neuter Monty and give him his shots for now until we can find a solution to his problem or an adoptive family that may want to pay for his surgery!?
Marcie the little daschund was also spayed and is on skin antibiotics, 2 teeth were removed as they were badly broken so she is also on antibiotics to prevent infection in her mouth.

Buttercup wasn’t spayed or nor was her dental done as the equipment broke so she is re-scheduled for early next week to get the two done!  We brought her back to NARC till then!

Reese had his neuter done, he was cryptorchid which means he had a ball in his groin so that was a more expensive and intense surgery for him and us!  He seems fine, more damage was done to our finances lol.

Boy oh boy, just doesn’t seem to stop with major surgeries and expensive treatments this year!!!

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