Good Renovation day began!

After caring for the dogs this morning, I finished moving everything out of the main entry, stored one filing cabinet in the shed and keept only the large one, moved out the fridge, washer, toys bins, leash bins, 3 dressers, our 4 large food containers, etc… Then Andy came to help in the afternoon and we ripped out the old floor with help from Ron who popped in with Priscille for a visit which ended up in helping with renovations! All of this in preparation to install the plywood and tiles tomorrow! I left for diner at 7pm after being there since 8:30am while Andy installed 2 plywood sheets. I went back later to take the dogs out one last time before bedtime and painted the the floor with mold proof stuff to help with future usage – it being our main entrance and all… We will be back in there tomorrow bright and early for doggy breakfast and walks before they are stuck in the house while the tiles set for a few hours! After we are done the tiles tomorrow, no more entering the NARC home for a few hours so they set properly and then we’re back to our usual routine – of course on Monday is grouting so at least 2-4 hours of non-walking on the floors after that too! Quite the adventure lol.

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