Things we could use!

If anyone has a few kitchen upper cupboards, we could use the singles or doubles here and there in the modular home to hold our newspapers, paper towel rolls and cleaning products. We also need more tiles to finish the hallway and Paws Spa (Grooming area), the only spots left to do! Paint, if you have old cans of paint, used or not, any color we will take them.

On the doggy side, we always need Multi-advantage/Advantage or Revolution for each dog, each month so if you have left over please bring it to NARC. If you wish to get us a box, we have discounts at our vet’s – you can always leave money on our account at Blackburn Animal Hospital at any time, they are opened till 7pm every day and sat between 10am an 2pm. We also could use another large bottle of Panacur (dewormer), cost is high so we need financial help for these medications!

Thank you for your support over the years, NARC is always changing and looking better every day because of volunteers time and energy and of course your donations! Sending you hugs and kisses from each and every doggy we have at NARC!

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