New arrivals

Last night, I went to the pound and picked up a black labrador mother and her 9 puppies – they are so adorable! And yes, there is one chocolate brown in there, female! We had a great night introducing the puppies and mama to their new room, they all ate and drank and got a much needed dewormer. Tonight we are all going to the vet’s, puppies are eating and drinking so at least 6 weeks old so it’s time for their first DA2PP and check-up. It’s going to be a costly night – nine check-ups and shots – YIKES! Soon, I will be separating mommy and giving her the much deserved time without being sucked on or terrorized by 9 siblings Ha! Ha!. She is such a sweet girl, very quiet, such a good mother and dog who loves to cuddle! She settled in nicely, at first she seemed scared of our larger dogs when she saw them from afar but she got used to us walking in and out with different dogs every few minutes! She took two long walks on the property and wanted to search every corner and look at everything, she went to every building to check them out! Last night, I was going to name her Suzie but being we named her puppies by selecting places as names – I’ve decided mom will be named Brooklyn instead, to match her pups! We have 5 females and 4 males, all with names such as Alexandria, Banff, Victoria, Boston, Windsor… Will be posting pictures of individual puppies very soon with their new names! But, you can see a group picture right now under available soon.

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