Needs at NARC

We are in need of cans of puppy milk, can be powder so we can mix ourselves! Bought one last night and almost used half already, other half will go today so what is the saying? A can a day keeps the doctor away lol. I am going to the vet’s tonight with Koby, Maggie and Minnalousche so will buy another can of powdered milk for the next 24 hours – YIKES!

We are also in need of more puppy and dog food. Just bought 4 bags of puppy food last week, with a few donated from clients and yet, we still need more… Those 12 poopers of ours sure know how to empty bags of food Ha! Ha! Ha! Although, they surely are looking good, growing and that is definitely what counts!!

What we eat: IAMS puppy food, 1-24 months and of course either Beneful, Fromm or Pedigree Vitality + for our larger doggies which is also a constant need here at the rescue! Thank you again so much for those who have donated bags of food lately, your help is not only needed but certainly much appreciated. I hope you did get quite a few kisses from our pooches at the farm and if you didn’t, come and get them when you next pop in! Our doggies definitely LOVE giving hugs and kisses!! So do most of the volunteers although they won’t admit it Hee! Hee!

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