New family

The Golden Retreiver and her new puppies are doing very well, they stelled in nicely and she is so sweet and pretty. She will make someone very happy, she seems like an exceptional dog, it is rare they wow me on the first night! Both mothers this week have really proven to be wonderful dogs in a matter of hours. The puppies received tons of love from our volunteers and everyone was enjoying themselves. I dewormed them last night and they are going tonight to the vet’s for their first DA2PP and check-up.

Went to the vet’s with Brooklyn’s 9 puppies last night and they are all in good condition and have had their first DA2PP so will soon be ready for adoption.

If you want to adopt a labrador or retreiver, you can come and see them to pick your puppy until it is ready! We are opened sat and sun between 1pm and 3pm so feel free to pop in and see our new arrivals.

Please read our “Did you know” note that was recently placed (in a below blog), it will be extrememly important to follow some guidelines when you purchase your new puppy. He/she can still get very sick with parvo if you don’t seclude him from other dogs for a little while, until he/she has received their third shot. It is also important to keep them warm during winter months, they are babies, we can never forget that!

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