One Stop Shop today!

We had a great time, great businesses were there and the tables looked awsome!  Few of the companies had donated items or gift baskets which were either auctionned off or a ticket sale was done to win them.  The shops had 450 bone tickets to sell for a “surprise” gift and that seemed to go very well also.  NARC’s table had a draw for 2 doggy gift bakets, a Danielle Steele 4 movie set and a cheese/butter knife kit.  Overall, our table raised $209.00.  But, an employee of Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP had asked for their Jeans Day donation go to NARC, they raised $474.00 which we were presented with upon arrival.  Thanks guys, that is amazing and we surely will be using it this week for vetting.  We don’t know how much the One Stop Shop raised yet, Sophie should be getting back to us to see how much the bake sale, bone ticket sale and gift basket auction raised.  We asked her to place the money on our account at Blackburn Animal Hospital to pay for this week’s surgeries and of course x-rays and tests for Tiffany!  Thank you everyone who stopped by, donated and chatted with us!  Although it was a rainy day, it was a lot of fun.  We saw quite a few NARC clients, one dated back from 5 years ago, they had adopted Marley (now Molly) who they say is doing great! Corona our hockey puck fundraising dog came for a visit too which was quite nice, overall a GREAT day!  I will post pictures of the event soon!

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