8th Year Today???

The years go by so quickly, can you believe we are already starting our 8th year of business today! For those of you who have known us for years, even just a year, you have probably seen tons of changes every time you came to visit. We’re always renovating, adding dog runs, fixing buildings, adding shrubs and flowers, building a garbage container, pergolas for shade for our doggies, tiling a room, tiling another room, painting, etc… Those of you who were with me when NARC started know this begun in my living room, few dogs to start with and went up from there with a constant flow of in and out babies coming through our doors. At the time, we didn’t even have 1 dog run, I would open the door and let all the dogs run loose at the farm… training them to stay on the property and by my side. Things have certainly changed many times over during the years.  NARC has grown, is still growing and this – because of your help and LOVE. Love is what brought us all together and love is what will keep us afloat for years to come, hopefully even after I depart this wonderful world. Yes, this is a big dream but… NARC also started as “JUST A DREAM”, those who know me think I am definitely a big dreamer and that I would like this, and that, a new building hopefully coming this summer… Things always come around, donors pitch in with items needed and we always manage to get what we want in the end. May take years, 7 in fact, but Rome wasn’t built in a day either! Our NARC family has grown, from many clients who visit regularly with donations or just for a pop in visit with cookies for the dogs or to show off their NARC adoptive family member… To the many volunteers who get down and dirty cleaning crates, bathing dogs, picking up poop outside, helping with vet appointments, picking up dogs at pounds, SPCA’s or Humane Societies and the multitude of things to do with having a rescue. Our wonderful staff has even pulled weeds and shrubs to maintain the dog runs and surrounding areas, picked up debris at the farm and done tons of renovations! I’ve seen ladies whom had never picked up a screw driver install drywall after the fire to help re-build NARC, people from out of town driving up and donating items we needed, major companies donating shingles, siding for our new building coming soon and the list goes on and on! We will always have a need – that is a given. Dogs need to eat, the vet bills don’t pay themselves, we always need poop bags, new volunteers, plywood and metal 2×4’s for our future building but we know, deep in our hearts that someone, somewhere will come through. Either they have an excess after a big job and wish to donate it instead of throwing it in the landfills – perfect for us we will take it in and have the property to do so! Bit by bit, we accumulate and now are almost ready to build our structure, only a few pieces of the puzzle left to get! I am not saying we didn’t have rough spots and that at times I almost threw in the towel but… after a few tears, hugs from clients or volunteers, we managed to stay strong and keep going on. The most dramatic was the fire, having to start back from scratch only 5 short years ago but here we are, head strong and moving on! The support we have is totally unbelievable, may not get millions a year such as huge companies but it makes us better, clients don’t become numbers, they are family and we, as a team will continue NARC with the same exceptional customer service you’ve always had and should be expecting! Yes that means hugs and kisses when you visit but I’m sure all of you have gotten used to that already Ha! Ha! Ha! Life is too short not to welcome each other and enjoy a nice hug, sometimes we actually need it and haven’t even realized! We all love to be loved and so does our rescues, so let’s get the party started for 2014-15, NARC’s 8th year of loving!

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