Updates this week!

The One Stop Shop raised $824 for NARC, we told Sophie to place the monies on our account at Blackburn Animal Hospital and the moment she does, we will bring Tiffany in for x-rays and hopefully find out what is wrong.  If it is kidney stones, then we will proceed with surgery and her spay at the same time.

We’ve received a trip for two on Paul’s Boat Line for our fundraiser on Sunday, few really gorgeous silver rings, YUK YUK passes, Haunted Walk, Stuffed Burgers & Pizza gave us a Free Large Pizza and 2 Litre Pop certificate and is also providing 6 large PIZZAs for our event!  We are also receiving 1 Adult and 1 Student pass from Music & Beyond shortly by mail.  Can’t wait to see all the gifts displayed on tables for all to see, it will be an amazing day!

P.S.  NO DOGS at the event on Sunday unfortunately, the city won’t allow them at this location.  Next time, we will have our event at a location that is doggy friendly, the city has already provided us with an address that doggies are allowed for our next event!

Nick is going to the vet’s tonight for his neuter and then lucky him found a home to go to after his neuter.  We are putting drops in his ear to help with his infection in hopes that it clears very soon!

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