Just when I arrived at the vets to pick up Ladybug, she had an accident and our vet finally saw the yucky bloody flu, although it had stunk up the whole clinic, poor them! So, we proceeded with more tests, blood work to eliminate other symptoms. But, all came back as the change of food. He still sent her home after a day on IV fluids, no food for tonight and starting with gastrointestinal food tomorrow, bit at a time. She is also on a few medications, metrodonizale being one of them! She drank a lot tonight which is good, tail always wagging when I come see her, such a good and sweet dog. She will be with us until she feels better, then get her spay and shots in hopefully a few weeks time? In hopes that she is a bit stronger by Sunday, would really love to give her a good bath but she has already been through so much that it can wait a bit longer.

Lucky and Taffy have recovered from their surgeries very well so are now ready for adoption. Think both will find homes pretty quickly, they are amazing!

Tomorrow, back to the vet’s for a follow up with Coco for a lump on his side, although it is getting better and already half size from when it came out!

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