Vet’s last night

Koby went back for his follow up for his eye surgery, all went well, we are to continue with his drops and the vet gave him an antibiotic injection to help with the healing. We left Mila for her spay and back leg dew claws to be removed, will pick her up tonight for her recovery period. Everyone else at NARC is doing very well, Ladybug is eating like a pig so we’ve re-named her as a joke LadyPig! She can gobble down a whole pack of hot dogs, frozen or not in a few minutes and eats two very large bowls of the Medi-Cal Intestinal without problems. She is gaining weight, is more active, loves to go for walks and of course snuggle with us on the little bed we have in the entrance – she is a doll, someone will be very lucky when she is ready for adoption. Another few weeks of fattening her up and then we will get her spayed with shots.

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