News at NARC

We have 3 puppies that arrived from the pound last night, 2 of which were siblings and we found out one of their siblings had just died of parvo that evening at the pound… The other we took in we are not quite sure of her breed, she looks like a husky but has way too small paws and body to be a husky and her ears are very big – she is quite cute though. We brought the three to the vet’s to test for Parvo, one of the sibling we named Cyan is still at the vet’s as he tested positive for Parvo, so will be on IV all weekend at the clinic. Send your prayers that he makes it poor little baby! His brother we named Nooky is at NARC, negative for Parvo for now so we gave him his DA2PP which will hopefully help him although he was put on antibiotics for Kennel Cough. I named the little funny looking girl Spit Fyre due to her funny and playfull personality! She also tested negative for Parvo so has had her DA2PP shot too, she is eating and drinking well which is great. Both at NARC are in quaranteen for now, won’t be posted for adoption until we get them seen by our vet again in a few weeks time and given them a second DA2PP shot. Although I don’t think Spit Fyre will get parvo, she is approx 3.5 months old and is quite healthy, I am worried about Kooby who is fighting his cough and quite skinny although fattening him up should be quite easy, he still has to get through the night in hopes that his fever drops, yes, he started a bit of fever at 40.5 – normal temperature for dogs is 38.5. Send your good thoughts, I’ll be going to NARC every hour even through the night to make sure he gets plenty of fluids!

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