Doggy Update

Well, happy to report that Lilac barked at my daughter when she went in the bathroom this morning, a great sign that he was telling her “I WANT MY BREAKFAST!” and the first time I’ve heard him bark or have enough strength to walk around and bark in almost a week. Very exciting and hoping he doesn’t go back down again… Nooky was well this morning, antibiotics and metacam are helping him and when I went early this morning to give him some fluids, food and water and of course change his bedding – he was up and tail waggin! Very good news too considering he slept all day yesterday and was worrying me last night. I spent the night going to NARC and giving him fluids, guess my persistance paid off! Spit Fyre, well, she hasn’t changed and is an excited little barky girl, I am starting training today so in a few weeks time, she will be an angel and the perfect NARC doggy for he new family!

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