New updates – renos & doggies

Thanks to the Home Depot Gift Card Eleanor got us, we were able to purchase a new shower faucet package for the new grooming area. Jack came to install our bathtub and fix the pipes, install the faucet and now we are up and ready to bathe and clean larger items properly again! Thanks Jack for your hard work this weekend! Had ripped off the old broken tub in May and we had to use the bathroom tub, having to be on our knees to bathe, no more bending now! I washed a few large items last night, large plastic tubs, crate bottoms, it’s amazing to have this ability again – not having to bend down to do it!!

We could use a few kitchen cupboards to place at the top of the tub for shampoo storage so if anyone has a few cabinets, we will take them! I am re-arranging quite a few things, put up our large cabinet in the entrance, above the window so that too will give us more floor room as we were using it for towels on the floor before, now that it’s mounted, more space! Trying to get things off the floor to tile, make room and being that we are closing till Jan 5th, tile the main entrance so need everything out of there so I can start installing the plywood this weekend and get it ready!

Lilac is doing much better, gaining weight although he his still a little guy, he ate 4 times yesterday, like a little pig, drank by himself although not enough so is still on IV fluids. But, overall, I see great hope for the little guy, he barks now when he is hungry to let us know, barking – hadn’t heard that in a while from him lol. I fought for him but he fought for me too, he wouldn’t let go and wanted to live! Such a great thing to see – I am amazed as usually puppies die very quickly, this guy is amazing. Hoping Nooky does the same, so far so good, he fought with me all weekend, he seems to be a fighter too, not eating because his kennel cough is bad and he can’t smell with all the mucus coming out of his nose… When doggies can’t smell right, they won’t eat properly either! I am working with him too, now have two little sicklings to pamper! His antibiotics are kicking in so he should be able to sniff his food and start eating soon, he too is on IV fluids to keep him going and of course mommy’s bottled mixture of strenght and power lol.

Well, three little sickings when my little parvo Cyan returns from the vet’s tomorrow, will have to fatten him up as he is very skinny but still alive and thinking he will make it through – he is full of piss and vinegar, trying to eat his catheter so has a cone around his head! Overall, a very good weekend, not having lost any of our sickings – that is AMAZING! Especially considering their sibling died not even an hour after we took the two new boys!!

So, we will be not only busy with sick doggies but also very busy renovating NARC during the holidays, am hoping to give a fresh coat of paint, finish the tiles in the entrance, hopefully grooming area too – will see! One step at a time, still need help finishing the soffits – anyone interested in helping with this task? Would be nice to get that done so I can insulate the roof too!!

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