Happy news!

I was so happy this morning when I heard Lilac’s little bark to tell me that he was hungry, he just started having strength enough to bark but now, this morning, he was up and his tail was wagging when I came in to see him. He was up, waiting at the door and TAIL WAGGING! I am so pleased, he wasn’t moving much, had started drinking and eating but we had to have the food right there to his nose for him, he wouldn’t walk or move and now, up and tail waggin – so happy!

Nooky also surprised me last night, he hadn’t eaten since he arrived on Friday as he couldn’t smell well so I was force feeding him a bit… Last night, after the vet visit and dropping off King for his neuter. He ate his food and later wanted more so at a full can of Blue. This morning, I gave him another full can and he did a good job finishing it off. What a change, he is eating like a little piglet so will gain weight quickly, now drinking well on his own so I can stop with the fluids – probably tomorrow, will give him another 2 days of fluids to help him out.

Cyan, well he remains at the vet’s, went to see him last night and although he is doing well, he is still not eating yet. Hopefully, like his brother, he starts eating like a little pig today! When he returns, he has to be in quarantine for 4 weeks as he will still shed the disease so we can’t have him play with others and have to keep him separate at all times. That being said, I’ve told the volunteers not to manipulate the little one and that only I will be dealing and manipulating Cyan and Nooky for the month of quarantine! Better safe than sorry!

King is at the vet’s getting his neuter and shots today – that should calm him down a bit lol. He is quite the character and certainly has energy to spend!

We are low in canned goods, need Developmental Formula or any other canned puppy and dog food. Mostly puppy canned food as we usually use the canned foods to fatten up dogs or with sick puppies such as Cyan, Nooky and Lilac right now!

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