New doggies arrived

Yesterday we picked up 3 dogs from a pound, a gorgeous Husky, a nice big Malamute and a very sweet Chow Chow mixed. We will get them all vetted, neutered/spayed soon and ready for adoption. They were all found as stray so no background information other than what we will learn from them at NARC.. We also took in a 5 year old Daschund the day before, he is very sweet and being a release, we have information on this doggy! He is affectionate, came from the same home since he was a puppy and loves to cuddle under the blankets with his family! As any daschund, he is shy at first but once he knows you he will show you how much he loves you. We rarely take releases but will make the odd exception depending on the circumstances… in this case, his family didn’t want to bring him to the Humane Society so understandably, we opened our home to him!

The garbage bin has arrived so we will be able to get rid of some items that are too bulky to place at the road this weekend! It will be another hard working weekend at NARC…

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