Quite the weekend!

We worked very hard this weekend, all volunteers came and helped which was great – thank you all for your support and hard work! We filled the large bin full of tree branches – winter was tough and the pines had a good beating so we needed a bin to get rid of the large branches that fell down. The girls planted flowers here and there, others cleaned the gardens that already exist. We also started installing the car port which we will be using as a shady area for clients, it’s half installed – hoping to finish it this week! One of the volunteers parents was getting rid of a few bushes so they brought them and we replanted them all over the property. It will look good for clients in a few months when they flower! So, great weekend, never enough hours in a day – so much more to do!!! Thanks again everyone for your hard work and dedication, hopefully all your muscles aren’t as much in pain as mine are this morning lol.

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