Vet’s last night

All went well with surgeries at the vet’s last night, Nieva was a bit tired and Blue groggy but otherwise, they were both content to come home. Had to lift Nieva to get her in the truck, I prefer they don’t try to jump up in the truck shortly after surgery! We took a little walk around the property when we got home, before she went back inside to her crate for a good night’s sleep! No play dates for her this week, she needs to heal properly for her new home on Sunday!

Last night, we also went and got the rest of the greenhouse so everything is at the farm now, soon ready to be put up! Can’t wait to see the end product. We now need to buy the heavy duty plastic or a nice long & strong tarp for it. Bit by bit, our projects are coming together! Thank you to everyone that helped on Sunday and last night, it was a tough job loading all the peices, dismantling peices that weren’t done and getting it all back home but we managed – thanks again everyone for your hard work with all the projects I keep throwing your way Ha! Ha!

Always a special THANK YOU to clients, friends, volunteers, family members, etc… for all your donations, money for the vet, food, javex, cleaning products, paper towels and so much more! Some clients come with treats and hand them to the doggies while they visit, some come to walk our pooches and give them more loving. What you do for NARC is amazing and… what goes around comes around, you will find that amazing things will happen in your life! The animals at the farm are sending you big hugs and kisses for everything that you do or have done for them!

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