Navan Fair Parade

It was great again this year, we brought 5 of Nyleina’s puppies, they walked with Tessa, Genevieve, Cassie, Adam and Shaen. Bella who actually was so excited she just talked the whole way walked with Kim but then, in the middle of the walk, under the shade of a tree, she decides to plop right down and no longer cares to continue the walk Ha! Ha!. I had to push her bum for her to get up and going again – too funny this girl! Karlie walked with Sophie , Casey with Jasmine, Tila with Sabrina (Casey and Tila are our mascots so of course were there to steel a few hearts). Ezmyra walked with Caroline, Charlie with Yasmin and Chikita was my little walker – Michelle. Jody was our camera lady and holding a “Good Home Wanted” sign and Sarah drove the blinged up SUV – oh and can’t forget Scooby Doo who was on top of the SUV checking everything out Ha! Ha!.

All this while Dave, Christiane, Andree and Joanne stayed behind to take care of the doggies that we left at NARC, making sure they had their breakfast, water, walks, cleaning crates, etc… Pictures are posted so have a look!

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