Doggy Update

Inka is doing very well, I am sure she will find a home soon as she is quite the love bug!  She is finished her courses of antibiotics, was on a few for over a month but now very healthy, gained over 5 pounds and looking great.  She is still living with me as I don’t want her to catch anything else at NARC like Kennel Cough so is house trained, very well behaved and sleeps with me at nights – she is a doll and loves to cuddle!

Oscar has survived his pneumonia and is doing extremely well, gaining weight, eating like a pig and can now bask in the sun on weekends and go on longer walks – we are no longer restraining him to quiet all day!  He is full of beans this one, you weren’t able to tell that when he was sick but does he have some energy and loves to nibble at your fingers to play!  He is a great dog!

Baltazore’s eye is still very itchy so he is still wearing his cone around his head so he doesn’t scratch and do some damage to the surgery although it is healed and a few weeks old, we are worried he will scratch too much and hurt himself.  It is scratchy because his hair is growing around his eye – it was shaved so women out there know what I mean – it does itch when it grows back lol.  We are all in love with the big boy, even if he gave us all a hard time with his drops, he is such a love bug and great loose in at NARC with all the other dogs.  He is sweet with the toy breeds and very well behaved!  He is also trained in the house and won’t do his business in his crate or inside.

Cocotte is also doing extremely well with her fixed broken lower jaw, she is eating by herself and now chewing on hot dogs and such.  She is still on soft foods and will probably remain on that for the rest of her life being that we’ve removed all of her teeth – except one.  But that is fine, she is now full of energy and runs around on the farm like nothing happened!  We had her out this weekend for people to see and of course for her to spend the day outside with me…  She is finished her course of antibiotics and ready to go!  She is fully house trained, lives with me and is quite a good dog.

Niko is still with me but doing well and eating/drinking quite well.  Last night, he had half a can of soft food mixed in with a cup of hard food and 3 hot dog weiners which he almost swallowed whole – quite the appetite!  Of course the few first hot dog peices were with his antibiotics and flu medications – he doesn’t know that though!!!  Niko sometimes still pees in his crate but that was to be expected when he was on IV, I am working with him on his house cleanliness and will update you shortly.

Nakuuti, a little white malti-poo is still on antibiotics for a runny nose with green discharge (upper respiratory infection) she is getting better daily.  She is also house trained and won’t do at NARC or in her crate – she will hold it in until she goes for her walks – good girl.  She does need a good shave and bath but I won’t do it until she is feeling a bit better and gains strength.

Katou is also on eye drops and antibiotics for Kennel Cough which she caught even though we administered Bordetella – sometimes I think we’re wasting our money with the Bordetella shot as they still catch it from living at the SPCA for a few days before we get them!

Well, that’s it for now – updates to come later on others…  5 new doggies are going to the vet’s this week for spay/neuters and check-ups and Baby’s puppies are going for their first shots then up for adoption next week!

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