Great weekend, lots done!

Saturday while I brought the 4 Nyleina pups and 3 Bathilda pups to the vet’s for their second DA2PP and Nyleina puppies also had their rabies, poop sample and all had check ups, few volunteers worked on the new large garbage bin. Today, they came to finish the bin and it looks amazing, I took pictures and will post them soon. Also have a few volunteers that came and build another pergola in the back dog runs for shade for our doggies, things are moving along great and we are so proud! I washed all the garbage pales before installing them in the new wood garbage area, I can fit 4 nice big garbage pales into each section so that is wonderful! One area we kept for recycling, will be nice to not have wed cardboard boxes to bring to the road lol. Thank you so much everyone for pitching in with projects at the farm, there are always things to do or build but we are slowly getting to where we want NARC to eventually be!

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