Amazing long weekend!

Never long enough but we’ve managed to build one pergola in between two back dog runs, providing shade to 3 dog runs altogether! The first dog run, the dog house was re-nipped with a carport style attached so this also provides a shaded area for this run! The garbage container is complete and looking amazing, we washed all the garbage cans before putting them in our new container! No more garbage right besides the door, now to work on finishing the deck! Also new stairs were built for the storage trailer, most of the holes the dogs dug have been filled and the runs weeded! Everyone has been hauling either wood, gravel, lifting, pushing the barrels, working hard and such a great team and great team spirit. I tell you, NARC doggies are quite spoiled to have such dedicated volunteers! Not only did we work very hard but all doggies got many walks, puppies got a good bath before vetting on saturday and they all ate like little piglets all weekend! Had their fresh raw egg on Saturday, as every week and treats as much as they could digest Ha! Ha! Ha! Now to the vet’s tonight with Nyleina, Tyson and Foxy!

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