5 bottle fed puppies are growing

They will already be 5 weeks on Monday and are growing, looking just too adorable and funny to be around. They will be such nice and loving dogs, they are always all over me for kisses and climbing on my lap for some cuddles. They even wait their turn to be bottle fed, sitting besides me, head on my lap and looking to see when the bottle comes to them – so adorable! Still wish I could stay home with them, for sure, they are so funny and fun to be with – they are playing now, dragging teddy bears around the bathroom, still walking a bit funny but now trying to run at times or jump up on my lap instead of crawling as before – such big changes in such a short time! They will be ready for their loving homes on September 23rd, at 8 weeks of age! But you will be able to see or meet them on the weekend of Sept 14th after they receive their first DA2PP shot and vet check.

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