Quiet Long Weekend

Although Saturday some volunteers came out to the rescue and a few clients to meet dogs, the rest of the weekend was really quiet, just me and my daughter. We tried the garage sale on saturday and sunday and called it quits for Monday – too quiet and people weren’t stopping in. We’ll try again next weekend if I can get a few volunteers to take care of it while I care for clients at the rescue – anyone interested please e-mail me to let me know! We are also looking for more garage sale items to raise funds for Juliette, Monty, Shanelle and Eewok.

We also need paper towel, we are completely out! We are still taking in empty bottles, cans for beer, wine and spirits to help with fundraising. After the July long weekend, we are sure to get some empties in!?

Ramses is doing well, his scraped skin is healing and although he is still on antibiotics and pain medications, he was rolling in the grass this weekend so it surely isn’t hurting as much. Only 2 spots left to cream and heal properly and then he’ll be growing back his hair – poor little guy!

Clementine is doing extremely well, she is a little pig who would eat everything and the kitchen sink, she has a great appetite and eats a full can in the morning and evening with a few hot dogs with her medications in them. She also is on an antibiotic and pain medication for a few more days.

The puppies are in my basement, take a look at their picture on the website, they are so adorable and up for grabs if anyone is interested!

Iko’s skin is healing, the medicated baths are helping so we will continue with them until he isn’t so itchy!

I’ve Multi-advantaged the whole house this weekend, a few were very quiet afterwards, guess it is going through their system so once again, we are parasite free until next month!

To the vet’s tonight with our new addition, a Great Dane female named Sheenah and finally Buttercup will have her dental cleaning and extractions, the equipment at the vet’s was fixed so we are bringing her tonight with Bunny and Doogie who is now 6 months old and ready for his neuter. His skin has cleared up, he is looking good, only one patch on his ear to worry about so hopefully the vet will prescribe something else to help him with that.

We also have 2 new puppies, German Sheppard crossed with Lab, fluffy little 8 week old boys – they are too adorable. I’ve posted posted pictures on our new site, have a look, as of next week this will be the NEW NARC website. newsite.narc-charity.ca – enjoy and let us know what you think!

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