Doggy Update

Cocotte came back home last night after a few days at the vet’s on IV with strong medications and is now on antibiotics so she doesn’t get an infected mouth after having all of her teeth pulled out – except one! Poor little girl, that and her spay with shots, it was quite the ordeal. We had Joey last month that went throught the same surgeries and although he was sad looking for a few days – he is fully healed and homed now! She is living with me and Inka for a few weeks while recovering, making sure she eats plenty to fatten up.

Inka is doing so well, she sometimes still gets cold and a bit feverish but otherwise is a very happy little girl, sleeping with me every night – she is such a good dog! Another week of antibiotics, follow-up at the vet’s and hopefully we will be able to get that hernia repaired and her spayed! She is gaining very well, of course she is eating hot dogs, baloney, the chicken strips with bbq sauce are her favorites and she gets over 15 of those daily and her canned puppy food.

Baltazor will be posted on the website, hopefully tonight if I have time, he has had his cherry eye surgery and neuter. For an excited puppy and goofy dog, he was very quiet last night on our way home! Big buy like that and such a big suck… He has a few different kinds of drops for his eyes in order to heal and is booked on Monday at the vet’s for a follow up to his surgery.

Twiggy had to be re-stitched – idiot dog… Keeps scratching with her hind legs, not sure how she manages to contort her body in such a way to be able to scratch that way – but she does so we are watching her full-time to ensure she doesn’t bust her stitches again! Hopefully she learnt her lesson and won’t want to go back to the vet’s a 3rd time! Usually when dogs wake up from surgery, they are quiet and groggy – her??? She jumped right off the table and ran to the front door – such a big goof but we love her. She ate her full can yesterday and this morning, we are still trying to fatten her up, in hopes that the spay will help but she needs to be kept quiet to recover and also gain a few pounds!

If you can help with Science Diet canned puppy or dog food – that would be great! We have quite a few dogs on it right now to try to fatten them up. For those that have had major dental work such as Cocotte – we would rather have Ceasar’s for them as it is mushier!

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