Cocotte & Things Needed

In all of this, I did forget to mention that Cocotte’s lower jaw was broken so she has a wire now to help put her jaw together so she can eat properly and help the bone to heal back together! She is eating hotdogs and the vet called last night to say he reviewed the x-rays with a specialist and that I need to check to make sure the jaw is working properly. So far so good, she is eating and drinking like a regular doggy!

WE NEED: Financial help, those surgeries and tests we are getting done cost an arm and a leg, we really need your support to be able to take these poor dogs in and continue with our work.

Even bringing a few packages of hot dogs – we use them to give the dogs their antibiotics, some are meals if the dog won’t eat anything else – that is helping!

Gift cards at Pet Stores, Giant Tiger, Canadian Tire Money, Home Depot any store where we can buy some supplies such as chains, fencing, cleaning supplies, etc… would also help us on the maintaing part of NARC.

We are out of Husky cleaning products, rubber gloves, javex is on the low side and CANNED PUPPY or DOG Food… We have a few skinny minies we need to fatten up and are almost out of canned goods. They really like the ceasar’s or Science Diet.

Thank you to those who support us, if it wasn’t for all of you out there – we certainly wouldn’t be able to have those major surgeries done and many dogs would be euthanized… A HUGE thank you from the bottom of my heart and of course kisses and hugs from our rescues!

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