Cocotte & Others

Well, Cocotte was dropped off at the vet’s last night, placed on IV, drawn blood for blood work and given antibiotics through IV.  She went through her surgeries today, all her teeth were removed except one and she also had her spay done while under!  We left her at the vet’s for another night’s stay on IV and stronger antibiotics through IV but are to take her home tomorrow.  We need financial help for this little girl also, her bill is extremely high!

Inka is doing very well, she is still coughing but overall she is a happy girl and just the most adorable little girl.  Although, she really doesn’t want to leave my side unless I crate her, then she is good in her crate but otherwise will wait at the bathroom door or won’t go out to do her business unless I walk out of the house with her.  You can tell she was never given that much attention and is now worried I will dissapear on her!

Baltazore is at the vet’s and will undergo his cherry eye surgery tomorrow incuding his neuter and shots and Twiggy is back at the vet’s for having ripped her stitches open so she is going back under to get stitched back up.  Guess she needs a cone for longer this time around!  Although, not sure what we’ll do with her hind legs, may have to give her a smalle crate as she got her stitches by scratching her belly with her hind legs – she is quite flexible that one!

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