Weekend at the Farm

Yep, you guessed it – MUDDY dogs and rain, rain, rain. We’d take out all the dogs and then have to rush them in due to pouring rain then oops here comes the sun so let’s take them all out again and not even an hour after, rush them in from the rain again! What a weekend! New dogs have arrived, quite adorable – Male Min Pincher, 2 female tiny Daschunds, 2 beagles, lab, Shih-Tzu’s, etc… although one Daschund won’t be available for some time, she is on medications for kidney stones, x-ray was done but if antibiotics don’t work, she will have to foregoe the surgery and her spay at the same time – poor girl and she’s so adorable! Find updates on our website of the new dogs that arrived this week!

After a few cans of different kinds of dog food, I finally managed to find something that Cocotte can and will eat – other than hot dogs! She is now eating Wellness ninety-five percent beef! She is such a cutie even though she is always licking due to the fact that she has no teeth left, she will in time stop and be normal again. That is, once her lower broken jaw sets and is properly healed.

Inka is also doing fabulously well, she has fattened up and is looking amazing, her leg and back have healed and new hair is slowly growing – she is a doll! Another week and her antibiotics are done and off she goes to the vet’s again for her spay and hernia removal!

Baltazore is giving me a very hard time for his eye drops, one drop for his forehead, one for his chin, one for me then finally I get his eye – he really sees it coming and moves at the last minute – he is so big that it’s not like I can restrain him like a small doggy! Oh well, I’m managing Ha! Ha!

Twiggy is mad at us, you can tell from her eyes, she is giving us the look about not liking her Cone and being crated for long periods of time – too bad little girl, you are going to heal properly this time, no more chances and I am not paying a third time for stitches. She is also sometimes pooping in her crate when she usually doesn’t – just to piss us off but it AIN’T working gal! Although, she is eating her canned goods very well in hopes that she gains a few pounds, especially now since she isn’t very active!!

So, all that being said, it was still a nice weekend with the doggies and new ones we’ve already fallen in love with! We will need help with ClĂ©mentine, the new merle brown daschund for her surgeries, preparing in advance that the antibiotics may not work – as per the vet’s! She is also on Medical canned food only to help her with them passing the stones!

I have the pictures, just need the time to upload them on the website. Also working on our new website which will hopefully be available very shortly for your perusal!

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