Border Collie x

We picked up a very sweet and cute border collie?  she is quite small and possibly around 6 months of age.  Will have her vetted then ready for adoption.  She is shy with strangers right now but will come around in time.

We get many calls daily from pounds to see if we can help with certain dogs, this week – the story of the puppy that was beat up to almost death… bloody and barely breathing… just pulled my heart strings.  Why do that to a 2 month old baby!?  We are looking into getting him to NARC, he had x-rays done yesterday to see if his upper jaw was broken, if so – then he won’t be able to survive and will have to be put down…  If not, we will try hard to get him to us!  But first, let’s get him vetted and better before transport!  Donations always needed to help rescues such as ourselves deal with situations like these on a daily basis – please help today!

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