Puppy food needed – urgently!

As many of you know, when we pick up dogs at pounds or other shelters – they are not in the best of conditions.  We often have stitching to do, hernias to remove, spays/neuters, rabies & DA2PP, dental cleaning and extractions… but most of all when they come in emaciated – what we really need is something as simple as Puppy Food to help them gain so they can undergo their surgeries.  Right now we have Goddy that came in way under nourished and although he is on 4-6 feedings daily, we often have to get new bags of puppy food to keep him and others fattening up.  Faith was one that came in like a rack of bones, although she has gained, she is still on puppy food so that her back bones stop showing.  Please donate today, a bag of puppy food or Pedigree Vitality +.  We have canned goods that were dropped of which will definitely help them but mixing it with puppy food is even better.  Here is a picture of our poor little Goddy – who is slowly now gaining but needs so many more pounds on him!Goddy

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