Vet’s today

I dropped off Nyleina, Tyson and Foxy at the vet’s last night – will update you on how surgeries went soon. Nyleina and Tyson were for regular spay/neuter, rabies & DA2PP but Foxy needs dental cleaning and probably a few extractions, one of her canines is broken really low, will see if this one has to be removed too. All three of these beautiful dogs will certainly find homes either this weekend or the following weekend – they certainly won’t be at NARC long – too nice and friendly! Nyleina is such a sweet girl, big goof ball but just the way I like them Ha! Ha! Ha!

Come visit on weekends, we are opened saturday and sunday from 1pm and 3pm and don’t forget to pass our pledge form to friends and family – pledge your walk at the NARC’s 5th Annual Walkathon on September 22nd. PledgeForm2013

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