We are fine! A bit of a scare but OK now.

For those who were with us last night, leaving before the firetrucks arrived or drove by wondering what was going on….  We had a pipe fire and the firemen took care of everything for us, my house is safe and so are we…  Poor Rex, had to walk from my house to the rescue to get him out of the house just in case!!!  He did well though and seemed to want to stay at NARC’s with the other doggies but that will not happen, brought him back once the smoke was gone.  He hasn’t eaten much since his surgery, lets hope his appetite comes back soon!  He also hadn’t peed the first few days after surgery but finally now peeing over 3 times a day!  He is walking better and slowly getting there! 

Well, I am no longer using the furnace, it’s a bit cold in the house with only 2 small heaters going but too scared to even use the oil until a professional comes to check or change all the pipes!  New house, 1st winter heating with wood..  they make parts very cheap now for it to already cause panick!  15 years with 2 wood stoves in my older home and never once an issue!

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