Rex’s surgery

Poor baby, both his hind legs are stitched up completely, he didn’t want to get up when I picked him up last night but I forced him to walk a bit before heading home.  That is the first step, his therapy for the next few days is walking around,  moving his legs and using them so they don’t stiffen up.  For the next 10 days, he will be recovering and in therapy, no one will see or visit with Rex during recovery.  I know many of you would certainly love to come and see how he is doing, some more curious to see the surgeries (I will take pictures for you!) but…  He is a DOG and dogs get excited and may want to jump up to say hello which would damage his recovery drastically or may bust a few stitches!  As humans, we would only get one knee done at a time and stay in a hospital bed to recover.  He has had both hind legs done at the same time, so he needs time to heal and recover properly!

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